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Featured ELI Students

Weliton Pralan 0


WELITON PRALAN decided to study English due to the fact that it was considered to be an advantage to get a good job in Engineering. Nowadays, it is considered to be a basic skill that engineers should have because of globalization. In addition, he had had this dream of living...

Tomoki Saito 0


TOMOKI SAITO  studied at the ELI from Fall 2017 to Winter 2018 on a study abroad program from Tokyo Keizai university.   One of the things that Tomoki loved about being in NYC was that there are a lot of people from various countries  in NYC. Tomoki says that “The students also...



KEISUKE TAKAHATA  is from Japan, and he studied in the ELI for 4 months.  He first heard about the ELI from an online school search.   He started from advanced class, and studied English there for 2 months before taking the Pre-Graduate class, which is a more academic level. 高畑圭佑です。日本から来ています。ELIには4か月います。 最初,...



CHANGYAO (YAO) PAN  is from China, and he studied in the ELI for 8 months. Yao: “The ELI program does me a lot of favor for being prepared for an American University program. It helps me to improve my basic English skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. What’s more...



GABRIELA SOUTO  decided to accept the risk of living in an unknown place, with a totally different culture, where she would stay away from her family and friends for a long time. She describes her five in New York as AMAZING! Gabriela: “The college where I was received, Pace University, is...

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