decided to accept the risk of living in an unknown place, with a totally different culture, where she would stay away from her family and friends for a long time.

She describes her five in New York as AMAZING!

Gabriela: “The college where I was received, Pace University, is amazing. Excellent location, very good professors and very well organized. It was really great, it exceeded my expectation. For sure, the Pace staff, especially at ELI, is what makes it a different college. There were many tours, activities, recommendations that helped me find myself and enjoy the college and the city in the best possible way.  I was well received, welcomed and could not have been more happy in this place. I only keep good memories and I miss the time I spent there. For sure I will come back to see again all these people that have become my family at this special moment of my life.

New York is a wonderful destination, there are many attractions, museums, famous neighborhoods, plenty of shops and especially people from all over the world to make new friends and share experiences. If you can go to the United States, go to New York. And, of course, if you can choose a university, choose Pace. You will not regret it.

I recommend everyone to participate. It is a lot of learning, experiences, moments and people that will be forever in my memory.”

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