TOMOKI SAITO  studied at the ELI from Fall 2017 to Winter 2018 on a study abroad program from Tokyo Keizai university.   One of the things that Tomoki loved about being in NYC was that there are a lot of people from various countries  in NYC. Tomoki says that “The students also come from some countries, therefore the English spoken in classes and in the city is various. If you can get used to listening such English, it will be your strength.”

Tomoki goes on to say “The assistant director, Daniel kindly helped me when I had some troubles, so I didn’t feel anxiety.   I could ask him anything comfortably. In addition, he offered us some activities. I joined several activities like downtown tour, pumpkin painting, Thanksgiving party and so on. It was good opportunity to know American cultures and to speak English with native English speakers. Moreover, all of my professors were amazing. They prepared classes well, so I could enjoy and improve my English skill effectively.”


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